Hello From Denver

Filled with gratitude

Writing from Denver this morning. It is so amazing to me the beauty of nature. As I look out the window and see the fresh snow that has just fallen and the sun shining on it I get a strong sense of peacefulness. I stood out on the deck in the cold and listen to the silence of the snow and was so blessed. I realize that often the pace of life is so fast I forget to stop, look, listen, and feel. It is today that I am reminded of the blessings that surround me. In this picture you can see nature is certainly one of those blessings, but it is also the communities that I work with. The people, the institutions, all those who desire to bring healing to the world.   I am so grateful I get to do what I love to do, and that it is such a full part of my life.

Different environment same healing energy

It seems that no matter where I go, there is a strong energy that is building. The energy of community and healing. Whether I’m in the cold wintry hills of Boulder Colorado, or in the tropical sun of Fort Lauderdale, the healing energy, and the desire of people to come together for a greater good seems to be growing. I spoke at a Naropa University yesterday. It was a wonderful experience. To see the  therapists of the future with their inquiring minds and sharp wit was such a  wonderful experience. It is awesome to see people transcending the difficulties of their life and stepping in to doing the healing work. It was an honor to be part of the work at Naropa yesterday. Tomorrow I head to Fort Lauderdale to do healing work and teach drumming. Different environment same wonderful healing energy!

Different strokes for different folks

The other thing that is in my consciousness lately is how different each of our paths are. I was working with fitness trainers, aestheticians, real estate agents and alternative healers this last week in Denver. It’s fascinating how our gifts come in so many different ways. It is also interesting to me to see how  Spirit uses each of our talents and gifts in such brilliant ways to bring the energy of healing to each and every person on the planet. As I reflect on my client base,  I have IT people, Internet specialists, website building masters, energy healers, real estate developers, business consultants… No matter what you do there is a way to bring powerful spiritual energy and healing to the forefront

Challenge for the day

I would like to challenge you today to see how you can bring good energy into what you do. Whether a hairdresser, musician, factory worker, garbageman, or Dr. regardless of our perceived place in society we all have the ability to change the world by bringing our goodness to it and letting our light shine everywhere we go. So just for fun see how many different ways you can positively influence your situations in the next week. Then please feel free to come back to this blog and tell us about it in the comment section!

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