Gratitude for Life and Community

Dad on a fishing tripHome With The Family

I am writing you from Seattle Washington. I arrived here three days ago to find my father just out of intensive care and resting comfortably in his hospital room. The day before my mother had been unable to wake him from his sleep after a day of being sick. My father has emphysema, and in the last few days prior to his hospitalization had contracted pneumonia. For those of you know about respiratory illness, this is a very serious situation. My sister arrived a couple of days ahead of me, and has been doing a splendid job of caring for my father, and consoling my mother. I am often so busy ordinary world business sometimes doesn’t seem to exist. I feel that I am always feeling with critical situations for others until suddenly a critical situation drops into my own  lap. As my father’s illness has progressed I have become more and more grateful for my good health and each blessed day that we have dad around.

Community to the Rescue

As soon as I became aware of my father’s condition I knew where to find help. I went to Facebook, and Twitter, and alerted the many healers who stay in touch with me through these community network devices. It was only moments until I began to receive responses from people all over the world, the farthest of which, was New Zealand. People began to take time out of their busy lives to send my father healing energy. I am very grateful. It was shortly after I began receiving responses of people feeling that my father was responding favorably to the healing energy they were sending that I also received word from the hospital that there was an unusually favorable response to the medication and treatment he was receiving at the hospital. It is beautiful when Western allopathic medicine and ancient healing can dance together to bring about wellness. The results were so profound that my father ended up leaving the hospital three days earlier than we anticipated. When he arrived home she had energy, and appetite, and actually was very active until late that evening. Thank you to all who helped!

Coffee with Dad

This morning I had the pleasure of having coffee and pancakes with my dad. He has good color in skin, sparkle in his eyes, and plenty of energy! It’s funny how perspective can change so quickly. It seemed as though I was coming to Seattle initially to propagate some new work. Instead, my pace has slowed dramatically, my schedule has freed itself up, and I am able to be of service to my family. I have been sweeping  patios, hauling garbage, washing dishes, and changing lightbulbs. What a delight!

Thank You!

I want to thank all of you who took your time to say a prayer, send healing energy, or even tossed a thought into your mind for my father’s healing. It is wonderful to know in this busy world that we live in, that there are kind hearted people, who whether I know them, or they know me, or whether we don’t, that we will bring our gift to those who need our help any time. The response was overwhelming. My father expresses his tremendous gratitude to those who sent him this healing energy for this truly remarkable and miraculous recovery.  The community of healers who have rallied to create this miracle is a testimony of the goodness that resides in the world!


By the way, just so you know, there were over 130 responses to my Facebook and twitter over the last few days.

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  1. Kirk VandenBerghe October 30, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

    What a beautiful story, Toby. Thanks for the share!

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