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You Never Know When Trauma Strikes

You can never know when trauma strikes. It comes out of nowhere. Thet it grabs your ankles and knocks you off your feet!

Here is a podcast I did about the wat trauma gets you and what you can do when it does. This also talks about the Tactical Resilience Process to shift you out of your traumatized state and into emotional freedom.

What Can You Do About Past Trauma?

Just because something happened in the past does not mean that it stays there. We bring all kinds of things into the present that happened in the past. Sometimes this is helpful and sometimes it is not, If you bring memories of joy, happiness, and fulfillment from the past to the present time that is awesome. However, trauma, horror, fear, and negativity is not very helpful.

22Zero.org Is Helping Veterans

Why we do what we do

At 22Zero, we believe there’s a better way to treat PTSD and heal from trauma; we developed the Tactical Resiliency Process and shared it with the world.

The only way we can move forward on the battlefield with trauma is by changing our way of thinking.  Just remember the insanity of the repetition of ineffective treatments. I will now share my road to recovery and healing.  We believe there’s a better way to heal from PTSD.

Here Is The GeniusLab Podcast

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