TRP & ECT What Are They and How Do They Work Together?

TRP & ECT What Are They

This is a great question. TRP & ECT What Are They? These are two complementary processes that eliminate the symptoms of PTS. They are powerful and transformative and they have an amazing efficacy rating.  Click Here for information on what TRP is. And Here to learn more about ECT.

TRP Deals With Trauma

The tactical Resilience Process aka TRP is for trauma. If you have had a traumatic episode in your life it is important not to judge the impact compared to what others may have gon through. Trauma is personal and I have seen traumatic responses from people who have been beaten and tortured and the same response severity from someone who lost a dear pet. It is not the subject matter but the emotional disruption that is the key. TRP is for trauma!

ECT Clears You From Negative Emotions And Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes people have cumulative trauma brought on by repeated action that over time makes a mark on their souls. By clearing these negative emotions and limiting beliefs, you can allow yourself to rise to great heights and accomplishments otherwise unreached. Sometimes we find a negative emotion that reveals a trauma. Thats when the magic of TRP and ECT shines. If trauma is revealed we jump into the TRP process and clear the trauma, then get back to the emotions. It is an amazing combination. Learn more in the podcast below! 

Here Is The GeniusLab Podcast

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