Remove The Trauma Without The Drama!

We Live In A World Fueled By Fear And Uncertainty

Everywhere you look these days it is fear, power struggle, corruption, and drama.  There is a price to pay for the undue stress it is putting on the psyche of the planet. It is time to remove the trauma without the drama!  People are showing signs of distress, distrust, and panic. Fight and flight responses are running 24/7 in most people today. Worst of all when you go for EMDR therapy and the therapist makes you relive the event over and over. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Remove The Trauma Without The Drama

Working on my own childhood trauma I was introduced to TRP. Tactical Resilience Process. In short, this process helps you remove the trauma without the drama. No reliving the event, no emotional elevation. The goal of the practitioner is to keep you calm throughout the process. The simplicity is amazing and the power of the process is instantaneous!

Reclaim Your Joy

The best part about TRP is the smile on your face when you have completed a session. It is an immediate response feeling light and hopeful.  Connecting for a session is easy too! CLICK HERE

I have been facilitating sessions for quite a while now and have seen amazing results. I have worked with people who have suffered the loss of a child, death of friends, first responders who have seen horrible things that no human should have to witness.  At the end of each session, the usual response is something like, “I feel great and I can even talk about what happened without breaking down.”


Is It Time For You To Be Free?

If you are ready to be free of your trauma and you want to do it in a safe way that does not retrigger you or traumatize you in any way, CLICK HERE

The month of AUGUST I am offering 3 sessions for $295 you save $55! On average it takes 3 sessions to clear major trauma with this process.

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