Tactical Resilience Process (TRP)?

What Is Tactical Resilience Process (TRP)?Toby Christensen Tactical Resilience Process

Tactical Resilience Process aka TRP is a process that removes the fear, terror, and helplessness of a traumatic event. This series of safe and powerful visualizations immediately affects the way the brain and nervous system process the memory of a traumatic event.

How Does It Work?

The Tactical Resilience Process neurologically disconnects the emotions associated with a traumatic event.

Most psychologists will tell you that post-traumatic stress is a psychological condition when it is actually a neurological one. Many psychiatrists will tell you that therapy and drugs are the only way to control post-traumatic stress.

Also, these processes must continue for the duration of the patient’s life.  As one doctor said to a client of mine, “There is NO cure for PTSD, only treatment.”

Find Out More

To find out more about this process and to learn how you can schedule your session CLICK HERE

This is a very unique process because it usually only requires 3 sessions to experience permanent results. It is being used with military veterans, first responders, many levels of law enforcement, and peer to peer training is being facilitated within these groups. For more information about the widespread use and how we are healing our heroes click here 22zero.org

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