Coaching Tip Of The Day – I Me My

I- Me-My How Are You To Talk To? How much of a pause is there between when someone finishes a sentence and you start yours? Do you really listen or just look for a space…


Conscious Connection to Sound, Rhythm And Music

Conscious Connection Stop right where you are and listen. What sounds do you hear? Are you making a Conscious Connection to traffic, sounds of nature, a fan from the HVAC system, breathing, the wind. There are…


Earth Ritual: Ask for Yourself What You Desire

Malidoma Pondering Our Fate

This earth ritual facilitates the release of not-yet-manifested energy and the birth of a new vision. Earth’s energy in this cosmology is about nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home. As you do this ritual, allow yourself…


Ritual to Help You Align with Your True Nature


  The element of nature is one that inspires personal transformation and guidance towards an authentic life. Nature rituals of renewal promote reflecting inwards and asking yourself questions of truth. The ritual I write about…


Perform this Water Ritual to Wash Away Obstacles

We perform rituals involving nature and its gifts to help rebalance our lives, shift energies, and experience an overall positive transformation. I’ve talked before about different restorative rituals, such as a transformative ritual using fire,…