Earth Ritual: Ask for Yourself What You Desire

This earth ritual facilitates the release of not-yet-manifested energy and the birth of a new vision. Earth’s energy in this cosmology is about nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home.

As you do this ritual, allow yourself to freely ask for the nurturing that you need in your life. Ask the great mother to provide the abundance needed, regardless of what that is: for some, the abundance is primarily financial, while for others abundance is love, community, friends, good health, or a sense of well-being.

Allow yourself to expand the definition of each of these intrinsic energies! Welcome yourself into your own life! Welcome your perceived successes and your perceived failures as wisdom-building, energizing, and fueling aspects of your life! Welcome yourself home to a place of welcoming, a place of nurturing, and a place of abundance!

Invite the Energy of the Earth

Begin the ritual by finding a place in your home where you feel safe, secure, and held. If this place does not exist where you live, it is a key that modifications need to be made in order to create this space. This would be ritual preparation. As you create this space, realize that the ritual has already begun.

Light a candle, preferably one golden or yellow in color. Call on the energy of the earth—the energy of the great mother, the great nurturing one and provider of all things—to be present. Then, write in your journal or on a tablet the aspects of each of the intrinsic energies you would like to manifest. Really focus on the creation of what you desire as opposed to the things that are contrary to these intrinsic energies.

Each day this month sit with your list and meditate. Visualize each aspect materializing in your life. It is not your job to know-how, it is only your job to focus on its completed state. As you tune your vibration to the manifestation of these things, you create the electromagnetic field that will begin to attract these things.

Focus & Trust

If you would like to energize your meditation in a more profound way, you can drum the energy of your creation into the list, sing the energy of your creation into your life, play your guitar, your flute, your violin . . . whatever it is that you enjoy, whatever activity fills your soul! Dance around the list vigorously, calling in the energy! This is a potent way to amp up the energy of creation! Most of all, have fun doing it.

Remember: what we focus on, we feed! By writing down the things you desire to create, you actually take them from the dream world, or the world of thought, and bring them into physical form in this dimension. This is the first step of manifestation.

Trust the ancestors that they hear you and are responding to your plea. Trust the earth, the great mother, knowing that she hears your voice and is creating the synchronicities “effortlessly and delightfully” to occur in your life.

The more joyful energy that you put into this, the more attractive it is for these things to be around you. May good fortune and the fulfillment of your dreams manifest for you!

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