Drumming and Dancing: Part II

Sunset Over the Ocean

Beautiful Ocean

The drumming and dancing continued during that wonderful evening! The sun began to set, but while there was still light we were going to continue to drum and dance and honor the ocean and sacredness of the beautiful island of Kuaui.

The colors begin to take their place in the clouds, and the rhythms shifted and changed. The dancing became more vigorous, and I think Tanis got a little tired because she switched from dancing to playing the drum. When I first met Tanis she could not play the drum to save her life. Over the years she has become a very proficient drummer. I think she can drum as well as she can dance! She does both very well.

We continued to send the rhythm to the ocean. We drummed for the healing of the planet, the unity of the people, and the joining together of all tribes! People were switching from drumming to dancing, and from dancing to drumming, and back again. As the color filled the sky and the ocean waves rhythmically connected with the lava rock on the shores, there became a sense of peace and well-being in the midst of this vital life force energy.

Unity in the Rhythm of the Drum

It’s amazing how the drum activates the energy around it. Our group went to the pavilion to drum and enjoy the rhythms and sounds that were being created. What ended up happening was an energetic expansion in each and every person that sent us into an ecstatic and joyful state of well-being. Most of these people had never met each other, yet we were able to unify in the rhythm, in a way that made it seem like we were all family, we were all of one tribe!

This kind of unity I find to be very unique to the drum. It is one of the reasons why I treasure this instrument so much. Each person carries their own rhythm, each person carries their own unique heartbeat. We are all the same, but in our own unique way.

Potent Energy Beneath the Stars

Drumming Together

Penny and I Drumming Together

Another one of our crew who was a beautiful addition to this special evening is Penny. A veterinarian by trade and angel by energy, she was a beautiful soul to have in our group.

I’m not sure how much drumming experience Penny had had, but she did great! It was magical to drum with her and the others as the sun set. It was interesting to feel the difference in the energy between the sun time and the moon time.

The night energy that particular evening was very potent, carrying the power of the island and the cosmos simultaneously. The grounded energy of the water and the island combined mysteriously with the high vibration and expansion of the stars.

There’s something about the energy of the island, the dark night sky, the sound of the ocean, and the feeling of the land. I can’t put my finger on it, but I know that is something indigenous, something very old that resonates deeply with my soul. It is so awesome to see the power of people who come to the island, wake up and embrace that which has been lying dormant deep within them and owning their power!

Gratitude for Island Experiences

It is these experiences that keep me coming back. It is not only my own personal experiences which have been life-changing on the island, but watching those who come and join me blossom and expand in ways never expected and not always understood.

The embrace of this magnetic pull is beyond explanation to me. But I’m glad it’s here and I’m glad that I have experienced its wonder.

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