Ritual to Help You Align with Your True Nature


The element of nature is one that inspires personal transformation and guidance towards an authentic life. Nature rituals of renewal promote reflecting inwards and asking yourself questions of truth. The ritual I write about today involves personal energy, focus, and discovery.

Shift Your Perceptions

With this ritual, I recommend that you spend some time in nature, peacefully and quietly. As you bring your awareness to the energy around you, look at the trees, shrubbery, and grass with a soft eye. Take note of how your perception changes as you allow your eyes to gaze softly at the energy around the objects of your attention.

Begin to focus on that energy. I want you to focus and feel with all your senses the energy of that object, whether it’s a tree or even a body of water. The idea is to allow your perception to change as you feel into what you are putting your attention on.

Turn the focus of attention onto yourself. Feel into your body and ask your powerful awareness to help you focus in on your true nature. Consider all the things you do, all the things you say, and all the feelings you have about things in your life. Take the time to ask yourself this very important question: “Is this really who I am? Is this in alignment with my true nature?”

Release Negative Energy

Open yourself up to receive the answers. As the answers come, allow yourself to shed the things that are not in alignment with your true nature and begin to feed the things that are. How do you shed the things in your life that are not in alignment with your true nature? Here’s a simple process: Find an object in nature, such as a rock. Imagine in your mind the thing that you want to release in order for you to come into your authentic life. Blow it into the object as you focus on releasing the negative energy. Bury the object from nature in the ground, leaving behind the aspect of yourself that may not be authentic or not in alignment with who you are now.

Embrace Your Authenticity

After you perform this renewal ritual, I want you to keep awareness on how your actions and mannerisms, the way you speak, and your responses in situations that support those aspects of yourself that are in alignment with your true nature. You will begin to notice yourself coming more into your personal power and authenticity!

I hope you enjoy this ritual of personal transformation. Please share your experiences with me!

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