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The Rhythm Of Business

The Incoming and Outgoing Tide In order to optimize success it is important to realize that there is a rhythm to business. It’s like the tide, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you can’t miss! Your closing rate is off the charts and the money and clients are rolling in like snow on a winters day! […]


Optimizing Your Team – Part II

Teams That Work Effective teams don’t “just happen” they are created. It takes communication, discipline and a focused intention to make it through the evolutionary process to realizing full potential. Applying an approach that works to team development and building a strong foundation that accomplishes business goals as well as addressing the personal needs of […]


Optimizing Your Team – Part I

Unleashing Unbridled Success One of the biggest problems facing organizations today is the fact that they have highly skilled, high performing and effective people that cannot work together as a team. It is critical for the success of an organization to have such high performing individuals but sometimes too many stars creates confusion and chaos […]