The Rhythm Of Business

The Rhythm Of Business – The Incoming and Outgoing Tide

In order to optimize success, it is important to realize that there is a rhythm to business. It’s like the tide, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you can’t miss it! Your closing rate is off the charts and the money and clients are rolling in like snow on a winters day! Then something happens….”who turned off the faucet?” Dry, NOTHING!! You can’t give your product or service away for free. If we are not in the rhythm of business these times can induce massive amounts of pain, anxiety, fear, and self-doubt.

The key here is to learn to flow in harmony with the energy of the time. Wen you are HOT, initiate revenue-generating activity that maximize cash flow and abundance! GO GO GO!!! When things slow down it is time for rest, strategic planning, and creative ways to maximize the next opportunity. Business ebbs and flows, it’s like the tide, it goes out, but it will always come back in!!

Flow With the Current

Learn to work with the direction of the flow. Paddling your boat with the current is always more productive and easier than paddling against it! Make Ease and Abundance your new theme! this might mean that you have to adjust your destination. But there is nothing wrong with that!! Be flexible and remember, things take time to play out fully and there may be a bunch of things you are not aware of that affect your situation. Trust the flow. Sometimes sitting at a red light for a few minutes creates the space for you to avoid bad traffic or even an accident.

I remember when I lived in Park City, driving like a mad man to get to the airport. There were three red lights in town that delayed me by five minutes or so. I then got behind some slow drivers which infuriated me!! As I came up over the mountain and dropped into the valley there was a rollover accident that had occurred minutes before my arrival. It crossed my mind that the red lights and slow drivers probably delayed me just enough to NOT be part of that catastrophic event. Relax and go with the flow! The Rhythm Of Business

Resist Judgment

You rarely know what is going on behind the scenes so resist contempt prior to investigation!

I remember a story told by a very famous motivational speaker. He is a driving force in the “self-help” world and is marketed as a very Zen and spiritual guy. As he is riding the subway from his hotel to a very large conference where he was the keynote speaker he began to review his notes for his presentation. At the next subway stop, a man entered with two children. As the train pulled away the children began to jump around wildly and became very disruptive. The man, presumably their father did nothing. The famous speaker became more and more irritated with the situation because he was trying to study his notes and the disruption of the children did not allow him to concentrate. Finally, he looked at the man and said “For god sake, can’t you do something with those children they are out of control!” The man turned to the famous person and said, with tears in his eyes…”I don’t know what to do, we just left the hospital where their mother, my wife, just died.”  The famous person learned an amazing lesson which he taught me as well, resist judgment and avoid Contempt prior to investigation!

Set Your Sites on the Goal and Let the Path Reveal Itself

Because there are so many possibilities in this amazing world we live in, it is important to go with the flow. Find the rhythm and let the path reveal itself. Be kind to all and resist judgment of yourself and others. At the red lights, turn up the music and sing along! Make the best of every situation! In the words of a very wise business consultant/yoga teacher: “there is seldom a straight line between where you are and where you want to go!”

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