Stress, The Silent Killer

One of the biggest killers today in our fast-paced society is stress. People spend billions of dollars on stress-related illnesses and conditions. Stress affects people on a physical, emotional, and deep psychological level. It can rob the most powerful person of their confidence and self-esteem. It is a force that is prevalent almost everywhere.

The pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune on medications that dull the senses and  retard our sensory perception so that we don’t feel stress. It does not remove the stress-energy, it simply dulls our senses to it. Unfortunately, the energy of stress continues to do its damage whether we feel it or not, so the only way to be free from this destructive force is to find a way to eliminate it. Therapeutic drumming and music are effective tools in eradicating stress.

Eliminating Stress With Therapeutic Drumming

There is a lot of information out about how exercise helps to eliminate stress. Meditation and yoga are also some wonderful tools. A tool that I have found that works the best is drumming! Whether you are a drummer or whether you are listening to the rhythm of the drum on a CD or MP3, it has a certain ability above all others to shifting change your mental attitude, physical structure, and emotional condition.

There is a law of physics called entrainment. Entrainment applies to the application of drumming and stress relief because as we connect to rhythm, it begins to entrain our respiratory system, our circulatory system, and our nervous system simultaneously.

Entrainment is the power that unifies rhythm. When we are exposed to rhythmic drumming our heart rate begins to shift, our breathing changes, and our nervous system begins to calm down. When our systems are working in harmony with each other, stress is relieved. Therapeutic drumming as an active participant or as a listener entrains your system to the rhythm of the drum and brings into balance and harmony your physical and psychological beings.

Relaxation Soundtrack

Working with therapeutic drumming and transformational music, I have had tremendously positive results.  I have worked with executives from Merrill Lynch, Procter & Gamble, and Microsoft as well as law enforcement personnel, NSA, CIA, and FBI agents. I have seen tremendous transformation and relief. I’ve also worked with a number of veterans suffering from PTSD who have engaged in drumming as a method to combat this distracting power.

To give you an opportunity to experience this I have included a three-minute soundtrack for you to listen to. You can sit quietly or go about your daily work while it is playing. This is the beauty of sound therapy: you don’t have to go to the gym or take two hours out of your day for a yoga class. Just listen to the soundtrack. It will change your life! If you find it helpful there is a 30-minute version of the soundtrack downloadable from

Listen here to Relaxation Sample

1. Relaxation Sample     


Relaxation Sample

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