Caffeine Free Energy

Overcoming Fatigue – Caffeine Free Energy

Have you ever had one of those days when the hardest thing to do is get out of bed? Can you do something productive? You need Caffeine Free Energy!

Have you ever hit the wall at about 3 PM where all is you want to do is stop work and take a nap?

Downing copious amounts of caffeine is certainly one way to increase your energy. I myself, drink lots of it! However, at times when true, vital, productive energy is needed I find that listening to some kick-ass drumming is what really gets me going and sustains my energy.

Motivational Tool

Therapeutic Drumming and music have been used in the corporate world for decades. Companies such as Starbucks, Phillips, P&G, Dell, Shell Oil, and many others have utilized this tool to build teams, improve morale, and motivate employees.

Drumming and music are at the center of culture and the human soul. It is a nonverbal way to communicate, motivate, and inspire! The best thing is, you do not have to be a skilled musician to receive the benefits of this amazing tool. By simply listening to a few minutes of music your entire attitude and mood can be shifted!

Here is a track created for the purpose of enhancing energy. I call it Caffeine Free Energy. Listen to this track when you need a boost, physically, mentally, or emotionally. You can listen intently or simply play it in the background as you work.

1. Caffeine Free Energy! Sample     


For more therapeutic drumming and music check out the free tracks available at 

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