Sustaining High-Level Productivity

 Stay At The Top Of Your Game – High-Level Productivity

For High-Level Productivity ask yourself these questions. What are the things that you love to do? What about your work excites you, motivates you, and propels you towards great joy and accomplishment? These are the things you need to be doing! Now, on the other hand, what are the things that demoralize you, take the wind out of your sails, and make you want to stab yourself with a dull knife? These are the things that must be delegated! If you’re going to survive in the business world. It is important to maintain and sustain a high level of productivity not just in the tasks you accomplish but in the energy and attitude you bring to the workplace. How you feel is what you project. What you project, you attract.

Define Who You Are

One of the biggest downfalls we all struggle with is who are we? It is easy to get caught up in negative thinking and a “less than” mindset. Another big sticking point of people I work with is past failures.  YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST! Remember, what you focus on, you feed. Define who you are today!! The past does NOT equal the future! If you create a positive mindset and a proactive schedule you will succeed! You might feel that you lack money, time, technology, and opportunity.   These might all be accurate, but they are not the defining factor. The defining factor is the sustaining of a focused vision and persistent action that supports that vision. The results will come!

Key Questions For High-Level Productivity

What am I going to focus on with feeling?  – Past/ Present/ Future – Self or Others

What does it mean? – New beginning or end – are you being punished or rewarded

What are you going to do? – Give up or move forward

Your State

Two very important things that shape us are our immediate state and our long term world view. Your state is your physical and emotional state at the moment. Sometimes the best thing you can do is get away from the desk and go for a walk or get to the gym! What foods have you been eating? Do they support your well-being? Doing some simple adjusting can change your state very quickly. What is your view of the world? Is it a hard place where only the most tenacious and competitive people win? Is it a Win/Lose place or a win/win place?  The way you view the world is the way you will respond to it!

Get Real

What is your lead system? How are you most natural in the world? Are you trying to adjust to what you think people want or are you being real? The real you is what will get you where you want to be!! What are the beliefs that guarantee you will not succeed? (this is a big one)

Set your target, create a plan to hit it, and start taking action!! This will keep you at the top of your game and help you sustain high-level productivity!!

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