Up’s and Downs: How To Stay Centered

Lessons From the Captain –

Up’s and Downs: How To Stay Centered

How To Stay Centered when out in the sea, in order to avoid seasickness, it is recommended that you keep your eyes focused on the horizon. The horizon is stationary and solid. It gives you a reference point that you can count on and will not under any circumstances change its position. It is an orientation point that no matter how rough the seas get, no matter how much your body gets thrown around,  you always have this anchored focal point.

 Lessons From Life

Like the sea, things in life sometimes get a little rough. Distractions come in like rogue currents to push us this way or that. We encounter obstacles, stormy weather, uncooperative crew, any number of ominous beings lurking in the deep! The key to survival? Make sure you have an anchored focal point! This anchored focal point can be a specific goal, core values, specific intentions, or even an attitude that you want to obtain. The important thing is that you never lose sight of his focal point. It is your anchor and your focus regardless of what is happening around you.

 Form Your Posse

Your posse is your inner circle of peers that you can trust. Use your Master Mind group, a think tank, and brain trust all in one. This group of peers are the people that you go to when you lose your direction, get stuck, or need energy and inspiration. They are the ones that you can trust with your innermost thoughts and most creative ideas. These people do not qualify easily. It takes time, experience, and relationship-building to establish such a group. But it will be one of the most important resources you can create.  they will help you stay centered and you will help them do the same

Your Silver Bullet

The last thing that I will write about is the most important tool you can have and is the most important tool in staying centered. The term has been adopted into a general metaphor, where “silver bullet” refers to any straight forward solution perceived to have extreme effectiveness. The phrase typically appears with an expectation that some new technological development or practice will easily cure a major prevailing problem. Your silver Bullet is the one thing that no matter how difficult things get, or how off-center you get, or how emotionally distraught you become, pulls you back into remembering who you are and what your purpose is. It must activate, stimulate, and revive all of your senses simultaneously!  It is like an energetic defibrillator, shocking your system back into awareness!


The best silver bullet I know of is music. Something strong, intense, rhythmic, melodic. Shift-It! Is my silver bullet. It is a custom made soundtrack made specifically for the purpose mentioned above. These soundtracks are custom-made for an individual. This brilliant, transformative technology ignites all of the senses of an individual in specific ways to unwind problematic and recurring situations, then, moving the recipient out of a stuck place the Shift It! Launches its listener towards the goals, desires, and intentions they have predetermined which inspired the creation of the soundtrack. Within minutes of listening to this soundtrack, even the most off-center, split, confused, emotionally paralyzed person can find their feet resting on the ground, their pulse calming, blood pressure lowering and sense of well-being increasing significantly.


Whether you use a Shift It! Soundtrack or another piece of music. Find the tune that ROCKS YOUR WORLD! Listen to it  In times when you are feeling good. It will anchor into the good feeling place and return this feeling to you in times of distress.

So, Stay focussed, create your posse, and for more information on Shift It! go to www.tobychristensen.com/resources


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