Feel It Real

Feel It Real

Have you ever heard someone tell you a story and you just didn’t believe what they said? feel it real!

  • “This is a one-owner car! Barely driven!”
  • “Buy this cream and you will look 10 years younger in 3 days.”
  • “…ah, I was at my friend’s house and fell asleep”
  • “You will lose 30 LBS in 2 weeks and look just like this celebrity who endorses our product”

Have you ever told yourself a story that you didn’t really believe?

  • “This will be the year I reach my goals”
  • “It’s OK you will find someone else”
  • “I deserve to have abundance like them”
  • “This is the last time I will ever do this!”

Why do we say things, make positive affirmations, make vision boards, and watch inspirational movies and nothing changes?


Words vs Feelings

I’ve heard it said that words are the most powerful energy in the world! I have been told that a single word can change your life. This may be true from a certain point of view but is it the word, or the feelings the word activates that have the power?

Years ago I took a seminar where we made a series of “positive affirmations”. I recited these words for a year many times per day. Nothing changed! A year later not one thing I had affirmed had materialized. This got me thinking. Then I attended a seminar by a man named David Martin. In his event I did an exercise called Feel It Real. For the last couple of years I have been realizing it is not the words that are as important as the feelings behind the words. That is, my belief and emotional attachment to the words and what I believe them to mean.

When a complete stranger who I am not invested in flips me off, or yells at me because I drive a certain way it does not phase me at all. I have no emotional attachment to them. BUT when some one I value says something negative about me I am devastated! WHY? because of the feelings generated by the words.

If we are going to change our lives we must feel the change to be real or it will never happen. Why, because if we don’t “feel it real” we cannot experience it.


How to Create Feelings

According to the famous Life Coach Danielle Laporte, we don’t really want things, we want the feelings we think the things will create. For example A corner office, executive position will make us feel powerful or important. Money or a big house or a certain brand of car will make us feel affluent. If we don’t get the feeling, we keep striving to find the thing that will give it to us. This can create a very stressful and unfulfilled life.

Connecting to the feelings we desire, requires rituals (actions we take daily) that support the feelings we desire. Spending time “feeling it real” is a ritual that will be worthwhile to invest in. Here is how:

  • Start by finding a place where you will not be disturbed for 15 minutes
  • Position yourself comfortably. Either sitting in your favorite chair or lying down in a comfortable place.
  • Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths
  • Feel in your mind the feeling you desire to have
  • Breathe into that feeling and hold it, if you get distracted, simply let the distraction dissolve and come back to it in your own body
  • Let yourself smile as you feel deeper into the feeling
  • Express gratitude for the feeling – Thank yourself for allowing you to have this experience
  • Take another deep breath as you anchor the feeling into your body with physical action, for example placing your hand over your heart or folding your hands. Whatever works for you.
  • Open your eyes and begin your day. Remember that when you want to feel that feeling again, all you have to do is the anchoring motion and it will return


Feelings are Magnets For Manifesting

What you feel, you will attract to you.  It does not matter as much what you say as what you feel that matters. As you shift your feelings you will shift the circumstances in your life. Synchronicities will occur that support your feelings! It is a very interesting phenomenon! It works! Do the above exercise for one month about one aspect of your life and let me know what happens! Share this with your friends!!

For tools that can help shift your feelings and support your creating a new life click here

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