Coaching Tip Of The Day – Creating Meaning

Are Your Interactions Meaningful Do you just do your job or do you have a meaningful passion for what you do? Do you create meaningful experiences for your clients? The “Why” Matters Your clients can…


Coaching Tip Of The Day – Love Your Clients

Do You Really Care About Your Clients? It is so easy to get into the trap of thinking your clients are just spread sheet numbers. It is easy to forget that you started your business…


Shifting Your Heart To Love: The Ultimate Shift It!

There is a relationship for you!

Have you ever wished that you could fall in love? Do you dream of meeting a person you can trust and open to? Are you ready to shift your perspective, let go of the past,…


Drumming and Dancing: Part II

Beautiful Ocean

The drumming and dancing continued during that wonderful evening! The sun began to set, but while there was still light we were going to continue to drum and dance and honor the ocean and sacredness…


Earth Ritual: Ask for Yourself What You Desire

Malidoma Pondering Our Fate

This earth ritual facilitates the release of not-yet-manifested energy and the birth of a new vision. Earth’s energy in this cosmology is about nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home. As you do this ritual, allow yourself…


Sound Healing With John Dumas

John Dumas plays the flute at our sound healing event In Hawaii.

As I look at the calendar I sadly realize I have fewer and fewer days left on the island. The last month has passed in the wink of an eye. Instead of wondering how I’m…