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Coaching Tip Of The Day – Creating Meaning

Are Your Interactions Meaningful Do you just do your job or do you have a meaningful passion for what you do? Do you create meaningful experiences for your clients? The “Why” Matters Your clients can feel the motivation you come to them with. Have integrity and be truthful and your closing rate will skyrocket AND […]

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Coaching Tip Of The Day – Love Your Clients

Do You Really Care About Your Clients? It is so easy to get into the trap of thinking your clients are just spread sheet numbers. It is easy to forget that you started your business to create solutions for people. Sometimes we forget the inspiration that was behind our innovation. People Matter Teamwork is everything […]

Sunset Over the Ocean

Drumming and Dancing: Part II

The drumming and dancing continued during that wonderful evening! The sun began to set, but while there was still light we were going to continue to drum and dance and honor the ocean and sacredness of the beautiful island of Kuaui. The colors begin to take their place in the clouds, and the rhythms shifted […]