Shifting Your Heart To Love: The Ultimate Shift It!

Have you ever wished that you could fall in love?

Do you dream of meeting a person you can trust and open to?

Are you ready to shift your perspective, let go of the past, and embrace a new future?

Love relationships, historically, have not been my strong point! Those of you who know me are laughing like crazy right now! However, in order to change and in order to allow love in, we need to let go of our track record, to let go of the pain of the past, and allow a new energy to be present in our lives so that our hearts can open.

Our Thoughts Are Our Creations

Holding Hands

There is a relationship for you!

I was at a Qigong class this morning and the master talked about how we are all part of everything: all energies weave in and out and through us. If we can imagine it, it already exists. Even if it only exists in our minds temporarily, there can always be a physical manifestation that can occur. From this perspective, it is not so much that we manifest or co-create the thing we desire, we actually allow it to enter our field. It already exists. Therefore, creation is not  necessary; it has already created.

The vision that I got for myself is that the things that I desire in my life do exist! I see other people that have them. Because I see it, because I intended, because I can visualize it, it exists! This was very good news to me. To be honest with you, I have not thought of creating things in my life from this perspective. If it already exists, by desire and visualization it is already in your field. Then it is simply the procedure of allowing this particular condition to enter your physical field.


I have become involved in a very unique and powerful organization called WeavingHearts. At first glance, it looks like a dating site. How many of those have we seen? And how many have we tried that have absolutely sucked (let’s be honest!)?

Here is the deal about WeavingHearts: using a series of surveys and questionnaires, you are paired up with a coach, who then works with you find a well-matched partner. It is an excellent process. As a relationship coach for WeavingHearts, I can help you find what you’re looking for!

Open Your Heart

Wire HeartOkay, so why am I mentioning this? If we can find an environment that can put as much energy in our favor as possible, then all we need to do is allow our partner into our life. He or she already exists!

Regardless of your past history, regardless of your current situation, there is hope! Part of opening your heart to love is simply shifting the energy that you have carried so that you create an environment that allows a partner to come in.

Listen to the Shift It! track below and imagine yourself in a wonderful loving relationship situation. Make it be exactly what you want, and focus on the feeling of having that relationship while you listen to the Shift It! track.

Let me know what happens!

Listen here to Shift It! Open Your Heart To Love!

      1. Shift It! Open Your Heart To Love

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