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Toby Christensen laying a track for full to the end

Music Friday ~ Unravel

Sometimes We Have To Unravel Complicated Issues The condition of our country and society globally is addressed in the song Unravel . It was inspired by the death of Freddy Gray. As the riots in Baltimore were raging I remember a news conference where the mayor said: “This is complicated and we must unravel the […]

Balanced Stones

Healing The Layers of Imprints: The Power of Sound

We are multilevel energy beings. We have influences from our immediate life experience, past lives, ancestral imprints, DNA intrusions, hooks, chords, contracts, curses, implants, imprints, entities, obstacles, and karma. Our souls have been in existence for eons! How could we not be woven into the threads of time? So, we have a dilemma. Perhaps it […]

Sunset Over the Ocean

Drumming and Dancing: Part II

The drumming and dancing continued during that wonderful evening! The sun began to set, but while there was still light we were going to continue to drum and dance and honor the ocean and sacredness of the beautiful island of Kuaui. The colors begin to take their place in the clouds, and the rhythms shifted […]

Rebecca Drumming

Drumming in Hawaii

This last month we had a rocking Healing Drummer Advanced Shamanic Training Workshop in Hawaii. Part of the magic we created included a couple of good drum jams by the ocean. It’s amazing how inspiring it is to drum to the rhythm of the waves and watch the sun dip behind the beautiful mountains as […]