Coaching Tip Of The Day – Why Do You Do What You Do?

Why Is The Key

Why you do what you do is the most important question you will ever ask yourself. If the answer to this question is compelling you will have the fuel you need to go where ever you want in life and business. You will sustain the motivation, inspiration and productivity needed to achieve your goals. A strong WHY will give you the ability to change and create energetic transformation to open new ways of problem solving and new innovation to keep you moving towards your desired outcomes.

How Can I Find The Answer?

This is a key question that requires emend honesty and deep truth. Sometimes it means that we change what we do if we cannot find the answer. Some times finding the answer scares the shit out of us and we realize we are on the wrong track. This is a reason having a good coach is important. Getting another set of experienced ears and eyes on your project, business and life can change everything.

Time For Deep Examination

When we lack motivation and inspiration it is a time to go deep and examine the reasons you do what you do. Examine why. When you are honest it can bring clarity ands awaken more passion than you can imagine. It can also bring clarity that leads you to change direction. Either way it is critical to address this issue.

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