Coaching Tip Of The Day – Get Into The Flow

Are You In The Flow?

Being in the flow is critical to productivity! So often we push and try and fight our way to our desired outcome when it is easier to just go with the FLOW!

When I teach my Sound Therapy it involves Toby Christensen 5 Element Drumming technique. This method uses an ancient tribal cosmology and the energy of drumming to change your state from stuck to flowing. It is a tool I often use with my coaching clients for both personal and business benefit. It helps to reduce stress and increase motivation, inspiration and productivity.

Being In The Flow Helps Problem Solving

Problem solving requires finding solutions to the things that keep you stuck and prevent innovation. As a coach I push my clients to find the genius within to change their state and move into a solution attitude. This can make all the difference in the world! This is also an important state when doing team building work. As we come into a problem solving state the solutions show themselves over the problems. Check out my M.O.V.E. program for an easy and effective way to keep things flowing and stay in a solution oriented state! CLICK HERE for more info.

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