Coaching Tip Of The Day – How Do You Handle The Pressure?

What Happens When The Pressure Is On?

It’s easy to roll when things are good. But what happens when the pressure is on? Do you freak out and panic? Do you give up?

When business sucks how do you find your motivation and problem solving skills?  When I coach, my coaching clients often want me to provide the inspiration for them to be a success.

Of course I want to inspire them, but I more want to teach the how  to tap into their own power and create the life and business they want.

The Things Are Unraveling, STOP!

Sometimes things stay the way you thought they would from the beginning and sometimes a new outcome needs to be determined.

Forget the craziness and get caught up in the anchor of re-evaluation. Self-correct. Plot a new course. If you keep falling down the hole it is harder to get out.

So check out the vision, reset the course and get rolling!


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