The Human Condition

You Are Part Of The Human Condition

Unless you are visiting from another planet or dimension. And I know some people who believe that they are! In my new book Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power I dedicate a chapter to the human condition. This is a condition that involves your mind.

Super Fast & Super Slow

Your mind is an amazing device. It has the subconscious part the processes like a Super Computer at 250,000 bits of information per second. You also have your conscious mind that is about as fast as a tractor cutting hay! On a cold wet day.

It is amazing the battles that roar between these parts of yourself. In my book I also talk about how these two parts of the brain can be linked together to work in harmony. Kicking you into a high gear of productivity and creative genius!

We Are All Born With the Same Hardware

All humans operate basically the same way. We have a brain, emotions, physical dexterity and the need for community and connection. There are two very important aspects of humanity that need to be addressed and that is the issue in the section above. We have two aspects of our brain that are constantly dancing with each other at different speeds. The conscious mind plods along being aware of as much as it can handle. The subconscious rips along at the speed of light, making sure all of our body processes are functioning, diseases getting cured and storing every bit of information that we encounter. These guys need to be in sync or we are fucked!

Congruence taught by Toby ChristensenSyncing The Two Minds

Because you as a human seeks logical understanding of everything around you, you want to label and create an explanation for your experience. This is how the logical mind works. This is how you operate instinctively when you are connected to your conscious mind. The subconscious mind is everything else in the body’s system that is not conscious at any given moment. One way to look at it is that the subconscious mind has the complete knowledge of all systems that are you in your entirety. Here is some interesting and amazing information about
your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has amazing processing capacity.

As you engage your conscious awareness to the subconscious mind you can actually reprogram the subconscious mind so that it becomes an ally. It will work in a powerful way to support your desired outcome in any particular situation, and life in general. This is the basic human condition. Here is some more to help you understand how your amazing mind works.

Don’t Lie To Yourself

Toby Christensen's New Book Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your PowerMany famous motivators such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, have taught how to use affirmations and positive statements to alter your behavior or change how you see the world. These things can be effective if written properly and with the understanding of proper brain science. Otherwise, you actually get pushback from your subconscious mind. When you say something to the effect of, ”I am a millionaire,” your subconscious knows that you have $20 in your checking account and calls bullshit. This is called subconscious pushback. This pushback can lead to a decline or reversal in progress because a mixed message creates mental gridlock and kicks your mind into alert mode.
Instead of lying to yourself, it is much more effective to look at your desired outcome and say, “I desire to modify my behavior to become a millionaire.” This is absolutely true.

No Pushback

You will get no push back from your subconscious mind and your behavior will change more quickly. When you ask your subconscious mind to work in harmony with your desired outcomes you will find that your, unhelpful habits become more apparent. Which helps you consciously change your behavior. Then, as you receive promptings from your subconscious mind, you determine the thing you’re about to do is not in alignment with your desired outcome. This allows you to make better decisions and have better outcomes. The purpose of my book, and workshop called “Release Your Shit & Reclaim Your Power” is to help you eradicate pushback from the subconscious and get your conscious and subconscious mind working together in harmony. This will create the easiest and most radical change that “effortlessly and delightfully” prompts your behavior to align with your desired outcomes.

As human beings, we all carry the same hardware. What we will discuss in the next chapter is how western culture influences our software. Our software is what determines how we use human hardware. It is the aspect of both the conscious and subconscious minds that can be upgraded, downgraded and programmed to determine the way information is processed.


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