Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power

 My New Book Is Out: Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your PowerToby Christensen's New Book Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power

It has been a blast writing my new book, Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power. It started off as a workshop/ retreat concept then expanded. If all goes as planned, it will be the focus of my work for the next few years. Buy It Here


The title comes from the process. I realized after years of struggle that I was weighed down with shit from the past. Shit that was blocking me from getting what I wanted out of life.

If You Don’t Release Your Sh*t, There Is No Room For The Good Stuff!

So many teachings out in the world today talk about claiming your birthright and standing in your power. But they never address why you aren’t. When it hit me I started laughing because it was so obvious. Yet, I have been teaching self-empowerment and positive self-esteem material for decades and it had never occurred to me that you have to start with making room.

The Day The Book Was Conceived

Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your PowerI was talking to my music partner CJ one day in the studio and we were talking about my GeniusLab Podcast. Then we started brainstorming on how we can up the visibility of out charity HearTheHope

Then I realized I needed something new to boost the motivation and inspiration of the people who follow me and my work. I have a lot of people who have participated in MOVE Into the Magic.

Also, the GeniusLab Sessions. As I explained my new idea for a workshop with extended coaching the subject of Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power come up and his first word were, “When are you going to write the book?” and there it was! Five weeks later it was in print.


Please But A Copy & Consider The 9 Week Program

This is a program I am proud of. I have been working the concept for the past 12 years and just now Mountains & Water in Hawaiirealized the most effective way to execute the program. Most of my work, especially location work such as Kauai, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, St John, and Jamaica has been workshop related. Come to the retreat, have a great time, experience some breakthroughs then return to life as normal.

This is different. It is designed to get you through the breakthrough retreat process but then we follow up with 8 weeks of consulting/coaching so you learn how to merge the new breakthrough with your life back home.

Contact me by CLICKING HERE

Let me know if you have any questions about the program and visit here for the details and dates. I will look forward to working with you and helping you, Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power!

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