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Pay Attention What Did He Really Say?

I just watched a “motivational” video by Steve Harvey. I know he is a very visible figure in the field of motivation and self-help, but check out what he really said! In his video, he says the “Only Way” (keywords) to be successful is to jump off the cliff of life”!

Anybody that talks about the “ONLY” anything are really limiting your options.

Steve went on to say that the jump “will be” (huge assumption here) “scary”! (negative imprint) “You will hit the rocks along the way and get hurt”! More assumptions and negative imprinting. Just because he did, does not mean you will,  another huge supposition!!!

My Point…

Pay close attention to what you are listening to. Many motivational leaders are trained influencers. This can be really good and it can also smell of manipulation. If fear and trepidation are laced with camaraderie and “I know what you are going through” this is a strong subliminal influence to direct you to buy a program, DVD, or seminar laced with more.

Be in your power and pay attention. Just because someone has accomplished their definition of success does not indicate that they can lead you to yours!  Listen to the real message. Are they assuming? What presuppositions do they bring to the table?

Are the right questions being asked? Are they giving you information about what you should do before they even know what you do? Surround yourself with people you want to be like.  Trust more of what you see than what you hear. Trust your feelings!!

Words Are Powerful

For the next week pay attention to your speech and the speech of those around you. What are they really saying? What do you really intend to say? Use words and stories that inspire people and do your best not to project your hardship onto their reality!!

It is my intention that all of the people I work with will grow their businesses fast, smoothly, and happily!! No cliffs, rocks, scrapes, or disasters! If something comes along that creates a challenge, we will unite to overcome it!

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