Investment Bankers SHIFT! How “Shift It!” Can Make Your Life and Business Better

An Unusual Pairing To Shift

It was late in the evening when I received the call. It was from the CEO of an investment banking firm that is going through some difficult times. Not difficult in the way that their business is hurting, but just the opposite. They needed a Shift! They were so busy and getting so many new clients that their staff was unable to keep up with the demand. From my point of view, this is a nice problem to have! He introduced himself and mentioned that I had worked with his wife the previous day. He had seen such a remarkable transformation in her life in such a very short period of time that he was wondering if I could help his team.” Why yes of course! The business or corporate team is an entity just like A human individual.

Each team or corporation has its own personality. Their own energetic vibration that is unique to that organization. It is comprised of the sum of the members of the organization.” I assured him that the results that he had seen with his wife, could indeed be activated in the members of his team.

The Long Conversation

We had a long conversation and he expressed the situations that were plaguing his team. High stress, conflict among the brokers, and gridlock of information getting from the sales associate to the system so that their investments could begin to grow. The unusual thing about this firm is that because they specialize in private income investment they are dealing with people’s personal money as opposed to their parent organization each works mostly with large corporate funds.” Our average investor trusts us with over $100 million of their personal money so you can understand the urgency of my situation.” This was the closing line from the CEO as we completed our conversation and set time for a group meeting.

Mine Is Bigger Than Yours!

We had a catered dinner for his team at the home of the CEO. It was one of the funniest experiences I have had in my 20 years of working in this field. In pulled the Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes, and BMWs galore! As people entered the room they were flashing Gold Rolexes and Cartier watches and any number of designer suits, ties, and shoes. It was quite a spectacle. It was kind of like being at a fashion show on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan!  Everyone was quite put off when they saw the circle of drums in the living room. As we ate, I heard lots of comments of, “Oh my God, I feel like I’m going to a Grateful Dead concert. What is the matter with our CEO and why does he think this will do anything about our situation?”

Not realizing my background as a buyer for Nordstrom and VP of Sales for a large shoe company they had no idea that the “hippy drummer” was sporting a Rolex watch and Prada shoes as well! I began to circulate through the group getting the lowdown on who was who. I noticed a dynamic in the group that showed just how compromised this team was. Almost all of the conversation was about what was wrong, who was not doing their job, and how they were going to implode under the pressure.

Genius Factor Assessment

I have a way of assessing a person based on their name and birth year. It is kind of like a Meyers Briggs of the soul. It is something I learned from my mentor and it is amazingly accurate!  Finding this to be somewhat unbelievable the team started tossing out their names and the year of their birth. I addressed each person and gave them a quick synopsis of their potential behavior based on this system. By the time I reached the third person, the room was silent.  They could not believe the I could know so much about them when I have never met them.

Well, this continued for an hour or so and the problem became clear. These people had created an energy that was clogging up the system. Each of them had amazing talents and gifts, but together they were creating a log jam of enormous proportion! To fix it required a SHIFT of energy.

Time To Drum

Einstein said, “A problem cannot be solved with the same energy it was created with.” I love this quote! And I agree with it 100% The first thing that had to happen if this team was going to succeed was a change of energy and team dynamics!  In this situation, I had the team each grab a drum. Most of the time I work with a soundtrack created for the team and do not have the fun of drumming with them live. It was so funny to watch these highly successful executives fumble around in a world they had no idea how to function in. It sounded like a train wreck! …Then the SHIFT!

Suddenly I took charge and began drumming a simple beat. Slow, steady, and loud! Within a minute, without any instruction, each of the participants found their connection to the beat. One by one they started to listen to each other, connect with one another and the group rhythm was extraordinary! The hostility in the room evaporated and soon the watches started coming off, the ties loosened and the designer jackets hit the floor. The group started to merge!

Building An Effective Team

An effective team consists of a group of individuals bringing their gifts and talents together.  An effective team acknowledges and supports the gifts and talents of the individuals it is made of. As we applied the information about each person based on their Genius Factor Assessment their true abilities were made clear and it also became clear that some job descriptions needed to be shifted so that people were working from their strengths rather than struggling to overcome their weaknesses.

It was also clear that even though these people had worked together for some time, they didn’t really know their co-workers. With a heightened sense of camaraderie and a greater understanding of the issues facing the team, I created a Shift It! soundtrack for the team. The first 15 minutes were the same for each person. This is the purpose was to unify the team. The second 15 minutes was for the individual. Each person gave me three things they wanted to shift to make themselves better and the team more effective.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Thirty days after our session the results were in.  A 24% increase in sales, smoother execution of tasks in the office, significant reduction of stress, and a happier and more cooperative office environment. As the energy was shifted, new options were revealed. As each person worked from their Genius Factor, they were more effective and productive. This is one of many stories I have of the effectiveness of this work. I have designed over three hundred soundtracks for teams and individuals and the results are just as dynamic. Whether you are a Ferrari driving investment banker or a bike-riding drug store clerk. You have a Genius Factor, and when you shift your energy from struggle to ease, from your weaknesses to your strengths you can have Hope, Freedom, and Fulfillment!

Hope for the future, freedom to be the amazing superstar you are, and the fulfillment of your dreams!

Are You Ready For A Shift!?

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Shift-It! is the key that can unlock the stuck parts of your life that are holding you back from your true potential! Click the link above and I will look forward to working with you!

“My life is easier and more fun by the day, and my experiences and feelings are becoming richer, deeper, and more powerful. I am more alive than I’ve ever been, and I thank you for all you’ve done in helping me get to this wonderful place…and this is just the beginning!” — Pam in Miami, Florida



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