The Success Story of Jill and her Shift It!

Meet Jill The Success Story

This is The Success Story…I met Jill (name changed to protect confidentiality) about a year ago. She was an aspiring entrepreneur. Her business was growing very slowly and she was frustrated about her inability to speak confidently with prospective clients. There was a nagging voice in the back of her head that assured her that she was not worthy of success. She did not give up. She persisted in perusing new leads, setting goals, and comparing herself to other more successful people in her organization. It was like she was caught on the hamster wheel of knowing she could get where she wanted to go but not being able to move from where she was.  SHE WAS STUCK!

All The Right Tools

Jill had watched the movie, “The Secret” and other motivational films. She had a Vision Board, Gratitude Journal, and written goals which she reviewed regularly. She had all the right tools. Those around her seemed to thrive using these tools but all they seemed to do for her is remind her of her failure. None of the goals she set was coming to fruition. They instead were giant reminders that she indeed was a failure and she was NOT manifesting her heart’s desire. The more she reviewed her goals the worse she felt and she finally took down her vision board because it was too painful to see the difference between where she wanted to be and where she felt she was in her life.

Albert Einstein

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  another rendition of this quote is  “A problem cannot be solved with the same energy that created it.” This is where Jill and I met. I was doing a day-long event with her team organized by her very successful team leader who I had helped months before with a similar issue.  We talked and decided a Forecasting Session and some Sound Therapy would be the best place to start.

These methods were very, “out of the box” for her but at this point, she was willing to try anything!!! The Forecasting Session would help us understand where her strengths were at that time, where her potential obstacles resided and the best coarse of action to evade the obstacles and capitalize on her strengths. The Sound Therapy Session would shift the energy that was blocking her and enhance the energy leading to her success.

For more on how it works click HERE

Solutions And The Ultimate Shift!

During her sessions, we unveiled a deep-seated issue that created allot of unconscious guilt she was carrying. We got to the root of the problem and after a few tears and release of the guilt and shame she had been harboring, some drumming, and a little coaching on how to proceed she asked me about Shift It!

“My team leader swears that her biggest breakthrough came from listening to a soundtrack you made for her.” Is this true? Can you really change from listening to music?” I explained the quote from Einstein and how the energy you carry affects how you respond to your world and therefore how it responds to you. If you are having consistent results that you are not happy with it is because you are holding energy that is not in alignment with your desired outcome. Change your energy and change your life! So in addition to the sessions, she stepped up and ordered a Shift It! Soundtrack. The rest is history.


Shift It! Logo

Shift It!

After a few short months, Jill went from being an average earner in her organization $2,000 – $3500 per month. To well over $7,000 per month and she received a $10,000 bonus in the first quarter of 2014 and has expanded her business to Europe. She has risen to the top of her organization and I recently saw a FB posting that this shy girl who lacked confidence was the key speaker at a large event! She has become a leader and most importantly she is realizing her goals and has begun materializing the items on her Vision Board which she proudly has reposted!

Your Turn

Is it your turn to create a success story?  Like Jill, would like to turn things around and GET YOUR MOJO BACK! contact me and we will get you rolling!

Let today be the beginning of the end of your frustration and feelings of failure. It is time for your ultimate shift! Order your Shift It! Soundtrack HERE

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