Free Coaching Course – Month One Video #1 Who Determines Your Meaning

Who Determines Your Meaning?

The source of your meaning is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself.


Because when you know your meaning, you walk with power and confidence.

If you know who determines it, you know where to find it!

So.. who determines it?

Society… Friends… Family… Work Position..Your Kids?

Internal vs External Meaning

The story in the following video is a great example of internal access to meaning.

External determination is often out of your control. Trends change, incomes fluctuate, we get older.

Internal validation is the most secure and powerful source

Check Out This Video


Do You Want to Go Deeper?

Many of my coaching clients are working through these issues. Sometimes a few private sessions can really make a difference.

I have several options to assist you depending on the level of commitment and help you need.

Sometimes an hour coaching session can turn the lights on and you are ready to roll.

Others might be interested in a trip to the Genius Lab

Some of you might be ready to MOVE Into The Magic

Either way you can contact me by clicking here >Contact Toby

Next Week

Next week the theme is “Play a bigger game!” It is about how to take action and LEAD!

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