Find Your Story

The Most Powerful Way To Communicate Is A Story

Here are 3 tips for finding your story. If you apply these 3 tips to your communication you will be more effective, more clear and more impactful.

  • One: What is your primary message?
  • Two: Who is your primary audience?
  • Three: Show benefit

What Is The One Thing You Have To Say?

First of all, the most common mistake in telling a story is rambling on and on and on.

Further more, be clear on the message you desire to communicate. What is it that you want your audience to get from your story?

In addition, make sure it is ONE Thing!

Who Are You Talking To?

Communicating to those who will hear you is key! If you are an Indian Guru you will probably not be well received by a group of evangelicals.

This is simple. Talk to those who want to hear what you have to say.


Why Should They Listen?

How will your audience benefit from what you say?

Why should they stay?

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