Keep Your Eye On The Target

In this video I talk about Keep Your Eye On The Target. The core subject is visualization. creating a clear vision for your life and business.

Focus and clarity or the keys to productivity.

In order to keep your eye on the target you have to know what it is and what it looks like. What does it feel like? How will you know when you have reached your target?

The Target

In order to have a clear vision it is imperative to know what you are wanting to achieve.

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • How will you know when you have accomplished it?


What Does Your Target Look Like?

It is funny how many times I will start a consulting job, or a coaching program and people start talking about their goals and desired outcomes and then we really start pushing, they have no real idea what it actually looks like.

Images trigger the activity of the subconscious mind which is the most powerful tool you have. It processes an amazing amount of information. When we align this part of our brain with our objective it is amazing how fast we can create.

Visualize your desired outcome every day for at least 15 minutes. Emerse yourself in it as though it already exists.

What Does Your Target Feel Like?

A big part of connecting to your vision is with feelings and emotions.

When you visualize your achievement what are the emotions associated with it?

Happiness, Powerful, affluent, satisfied…

When you have a powerful vision and powerful feelings you have a creative force that is unstoppable

How Will You Know When You Have It?

This might seem like a strange question but a very important one.

Will it be a number on your tax return?

Living in a particular house to area?

Create some indicators and by all means… set a timeframe! GOALS HAVE COMPLETION DATES!

How Can I Help You Hit Your Target?

I have a program called MOVE into the Magic it is a game changer for what we are talking about here.

CLICK HERE for information that will help you move into the magic.

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