Free Coaching Course – Month One Video #2 Play A Bigger Game

What Is The Bigger Game?

Playing a bigger game is the process of shifting from being a follower to being a leader.

In his Rooftop Leadership corporate coaching Scott Mann talks about the importance of owning the room, owning your life and being a leader.

His work has been impactful and helped me direct my intention towards leadership

Questions to Ponder:

  • Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Do you set trends or follow them?
  • Are you a trail blazer or do you follow the well worn path?
  • Are you concerned about what people think of you?

Benefits Of Being a Follower

It is much easier to be a follower!

I understand why people do it.

1- It is safe.

When you follow you are in a group of like minded people following directions from the people who know what to do.

2- It is risk free.

When you are on a pathway and the outcome has been predetermined, there is no risk because the leader is guiding you…nice.

3- It is clear.

When people search for followers they have a clear path for you to follow so you don’t think. If you start thinking, you might want to change something and that would mean you would have to become a leader!

Being A Leader Is Dangerous!

Leaders change the world. Which means they push people out of their comfort zones.

As a leader, you face great risk. You have to find or create the path.

Leading is filled with uncertainty!

Watch The Video and Play The Bigger Game!


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