Coaching Tip Of The Day – Standing Your Ground

Do You Compromise When Someone Says They Can’t Afford You

When People value you, they value your fee. If they don’t value your work, they are not your customer. It is pretty easy. I have many clients that are practitioners, speakers and trainers. These people make their living teaching. It is important for you to establish your value and stick to it. If your price is $5K per hour, don’t work for $3K. Set your bar and stand your ground.

Once You Lower The Bar Raising It Gets Twice As Hard

People talk, businesses share information. If you work for company “A” for $500 then try to charge company “B” $5,000 there is going to be some trouble if they communicate or call one another for references. Set your standard and be good enough to be worth it. Here is a short video that might help.

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