Coaching Tip Of The Day – The Triangle Of Torment

Power Negative And The Triangle Of Torment

The Triangle Of Torment is sure fire way to have a bad day and perpetuate negativity in your life. There are three aspects to this dynamic energetic construct.

1 – I Am Not Enough

2 – I Am Not You

3 – I Will Never Get It Done

This blog is abut the first aspect of the triangle. I am not enough, that is… I SUCK!

This is a video that explains the aspects of the triangle and how you can bring your awareness to it and how you can take steps to get off.

M.O.V.E. Off The Triangle Of Torment

It is rare that you will cycle off of the triangle on your own.

It is possible but not likely.

My program M.O.V.E. is designed to give you the tools to first get off the triangle and next, to stay off it!

When you have your awareness connected to your desired outcome and are feeding it with motivation, organization and have a clear vision of your goal, it is hard to get on the triangle!!

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