Coaching Tip Of The Day – The Triangle Part II

The Triangle Is A Powerful Trap

The Triangle of Torment is the most subtle and powerful trap to keep you in a power negative state. If you are problem solving or trying to boost productivity this is a trap that is easy to get into.

Motivation, inspiration and innovation are all held at bay by the triangle.

As a coach, when I am coaching my business clients they have all kinds of systems they learned in business school but rarely did their MBA program include understanding the psychology and the energetics of the human mind.

Comparison Is The Most Common Power Negative Trip

You are you in the most amazing way. You are a genius! No matter what anyone else does or what talents they have you have yours too.

None are better than any other. reduced stress in your life and STOP comparing yourself to others.

You will not believe the solutions this will bring to your life.

Success comes from living your dream and being your own genius!



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