Coaching Tip Of The Day – Who Is Your Sounding Board?

Who Do You Have For A Sounding Board?

It is critical to have a sounding board when you are ready to launch a new idea.

It is easy to get lost inside your own mind. Because you already know the backstory and forward dreaming it is easy to ignore another point of view.

This is when it si helpful to have one.

I’m Going To Write A Book – Everyone Will Like It!

I met with a client for some business coaching. He was going to provide all the solutions necessary for success by telling stories about his kids. He knew it was filled with inspiration and motivation for anyone in life!

After 3 minutes I had to tell him, this is terrible! If you want to provide solutions for adults, this is NOT the way.

In his mind he was seeing how the lessons related to him from his perspective. It was not the same when dropped into his reality from the outside!

Get a sounding board!

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