Coaching Tip Of The Day – The Energy Of Success

Success Is An Energy

Some people think of Success as a measurable achievement. And for some it might be. But I see success as an energy.

Do you ever wonder why some people just seem to automatically bring inspiration and motivation to people?

As a coach it is important to bring problem solving solutions to my coaching clients. One of the important ways I do this is by focusing on the energy that supports my clients desired outcome.

Congruence Is The Key

Having all your energy focused on one key task is the most effective way to achieve success.

This means your thoughts, actions, intentions and desires all moving towards the some goal.

This kind of focus requires concentration and clear and specific, measurable results so that you create the energy that draws your desired outcome to you.

Have Fun

Lots of people work hard to get their energy in alignment. Hard is ok as long as it is fun.

With my coaching clients I try to keep things fun so there is a high degree of motivation and inspired innovation to keep things fresh.

Achievement without fun is work, and work will take its tole sooner or later. Fun will inspire more energy!

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