Coaching Tip Of The Day – Trial By Fun!

Trial By Fire Or Trial By Fun?

So many people come to me discouraged and depressed. They are brought down with the feeling of failure. “Trial by fire” they call it. So I recommend trail by fun!

The first thing the feeling of failure does is robs you of your motivation, inspiration and innovation. Which feels like shit!

Problem solving and bringing solutions to your challenges does not have to be painful.

Don’t Take It Personally

If you try something and it doesn’t work, you are NOT a loser! …if you learn from it. Many of my coaching clients boost their morale watching Tony Robbins or Jeff Walker connecting to the energy of success.

But these guys have been at it for decades! it is ridiculous to think that you will achieve their level of productivity on your first try!

Lea4rn from each try and then use problem solving techniques you learn with your M.O.V.E. program to raise the bar for the next try!

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