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Self-Empowerment Trainer Toby Christensen

More Not Stupid Questions

Listening Is More Powerful Than Talking Have you ever met with someone who, right out of the gate, starts talking 100 miles per hour and it’s all about them? They know what you need before you tell them where you are coming from. These people drive me crazy! One of my clients was shocked when […]

3 Coaching Options for yopur success

3 Opportunities For Your Success

Find The Best Program For You Finding the right match for you in terms of coaching and guidance is very important. Some people are ready to jump into the deep end of the pool right off the bat. Others want to check the temperature of the water first. Which ever kind of person you are, […]

MOVE what is it?

MOVE – What Is It

I Love This Program! MOVE is a full day program, 8 hours of diving deep into the Four Pillars of Success: motivation, organization, visualization and execution so that you have a clear vision for where you want to go, how you are going to get there and how to stay inspired and motivated along the […]

7 Not Stupid ?

7 Not Stupid Questions

Don’t You Hate It When People Ask Stupid Questions? I have watched more self-help videos than I care to think about and have attended a ridiculous number of seminars that have claimed to give me the breakthrough of my life and guess what… Lately I have been exploring the mega hot marketing gurus to see […]

Great Way to Start your day

Great Way To Start Your Day

How Do You Start Your Day? If you want to get your day off on the right foot here is an exercise I use every day to keep focused and clear. When you get your day started do you ever consider how you want to feel? Do you make a declaration of what the day […]