Your Genius Factor

You Are A Genius!

Everyone is born a genius and it is the job of the village to acknowledge and support the genius that resides within each one of us. ~ Malidoma Some`

This is a statement I heard one of the first times I met Malidoma. He is an initiated African elder and a western educated person who holds 2 PhD’s and 3 Masters degrees.

This elegant distillation of his tribes worldview changed my life.

Competition VS Cooperation

We live in such a competitive world. I see it everywhere. In the corporate world I see people vying for favor of their superiors even at the expense of their fellow team members.

I see it in religious organizations and spiritual communities.

It is a destructive way to live in the world and it creates hierarchy and demoralization.

What if we saw everyone for what they are? Unique, amazing beings that bring a gift to the world that only they can bring… thats why we are each here.

Here is a video about your genius factor. I hope you enjoy it and can influence your world to be one that turns from competition and towards cooperation.

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