3 Opportunities For Your Success

Find The Best Program For You

Finding the right match for you in terms of coaching and guidance is very important. Some people are ready to jump into the deep end of the pool right off the bat. Others want to check the temperature of the water first. Which ever kind of person you are, I have created 3 opportunities for you to explore.

Each is different and each one requires a different level of commitment.

The entry level program is MOVE. It is a full day 8-10 hours packed with deep investigation of the Four Pillars of Success: Motivation, Organization, Visualization and Execution. We start with a stack of worksheets and a ton of questions and we end the day with a strategic plan for you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Next level is One on One, This is a 3 day intensive where we work together for 3 full days back to back. This is deep, intense work. One client said she felt like she got a year worth of workshops in only 3 days! After One on One she returned home and within 3 months doubled her business and dramatically increased her free time. She is a very happy girl now.

The top level commitment is Tier 1 Elite Coaching this requires a minimum 6 month commitment. In this program we meet via phone or Skype for one hour per week and I give you home work each week. It is amazing how much change can occur in life when you stay focused and are accountable for your commitments.

Check out the video, it is a casual run-through of the programs. If you have any questions, please contact me by Clicking Here. We can have a conversation about how I can help you.

For now, enjoy the video.


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