Two New Flutes

My friend Kathy Sampeck and I have been talking a lot about flutes lately. Native American-style flutes, bamboo flutes . . . for some reason, their beautiful sound and rich melodic tone have been tapping me on the shoulder as though I needed deeper connection with this energy.

During my last trip to the Washington, DC area, Kathy attended an event at which people were selling flutes. She bought one, brought it home, and begin playing. In just a few days she was very proficient, expressing beautiful melodies through this instrument.

When I arrived in Hawaii and reconnected with my friend John Dumas—who happens to make amazing flutes—I talk to him about the possibility of acquiring one of these majestic instruments. After a couple of performances with John, I realized that both a high register flute and a lower register flute in a harmonic key would be amazing for the new CD that I’m going to surprise you with soon!

Custom John Dumas Flutes

Two Custom Made Flutes

New instruments for my new CD

As John and I talked, we decided on the key that I preferred for the flutes and begin construction. Interestingly enough, after talking to Kathy, I found out that the flute John is building for me will harmonize perfectly with the flute that she acquired! I think there may be a new musician playing with my on the upcoming CD.

It’s amazing how things synchronize so perfectly in the world. Last night when John was over for an event we had here at the house, he presented me with these two flutes. They are so beautiful and sound amazing. And the most important thing is they are very easy to play.

So, I have some work to do! All day today—other than taking a break to post this blog—I have been practicing the flutes! I have not figured out how to play the flute and drums simultaneously, but I’m working on it. Now all is I need is a didgeridoo, and I can officially complete my one-man band! I think I have my hands full with these two new additions to my sound healing arsenal.

New Sound Healing Instruments for Upcoming Tour

I’m heading out for an East Coast tour as soon as I get home at the end of September. I will be in Washington, DC; Charlottesville, Virginia; Alexandria, Virginia; Berkeley Springs, West Virginia; and Bluemont, Virginia. Following those events, I’ll be in Miami, Cincinnati, and Seattle. I’m really looking forward to getting back on the road. All the latest details about my upcoming schedule can be found at

For those of you who are going to participate in some of my events or have booked private healing sessions, get ready! The island has charged up the drum! With the addition of the flutes, there are places we will be going where we have not gone before! A huge thanks to my brother John for creating these beautiful instruments, and great thanks to my friend Kathy for inspiring me to follow through with my desire to have my own  flute!

Handcrafted Indigenous Flutes by John Dumas

One of a Kind John Dumas Flutes

Custom John Dumas Flutes

If any of you are interested in ordering a flute from John, please contact me, or go to to contact him directly. If you have been toying with the idea, now is your time to respond to the inspiration! These two flutes are made from Hanalei bamboo, found here on the island of Kauai. They are completely handcrafted and finished with a heating process that infuses the bamboo with beeswax for a very durable, yet indigenous, finish. As far as the tone, one word: fantastic! On my upcoming CD you will hear these very flutes and you can judge for yourself. In the meantime, visit John’s website.

I look forward to providing a new experience for those of you who are coming for private sessions. The addition of this vibration is peaceful, soothing, and powerful.

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