Healing Mineral Ritual to Allow for a New Life Story

This rejuvenating ritual is based on mineral. Mineral represents communication: how can our purpose be communicated within ourselves to to the rest of the world? Each of us has and lives a story. Some of us feel this story is out of sync with who we really are. This mineral ritual can benefit us in so many by allowing our old stories to be finished and our new ones to begin.

Connecting with Nature

Nature, Water, and RockYou will need an ordinary stone or crystal for this ritual. Search for a stone in your yard, on a walking path, in the park, or wherever. It doesn’t have to be a fancy stone, but should be comfortable to carry with you. I’ve done healing work with many people who have used a crystal in place of the stone, and it worked beautifully.

For three consecutive days, keep this rock or crystal with you. It can be carried in your pocket, purse, or even in a pouch around your neck. The point is it should remain with you throughout the three day period. For fifteen minutes each day, hold the stone or crystal in the palm of your hand and close your fingers around it. During this period, focus on connecting with the stone, asking it to grant you a new story that can help improve your life. Be open to receive whatever new story comes your way using this mineral ritual.

When you are finished downloading your new story, take a moment to thank the rock for helping you in your discovery. If you found the rock in nature, please be sure to return it.

Start a New Chapter of Self-Improvement

Stones in NatureFar too often we get stuck in a rut. We automatically support the stories in our lives that are not necessarily the ones that we want to continue. The problem is it’s easier or more habitual to do this, because we don’t have a new story to replace the old one! We end up stuck in the same, repetitive story.

So use this ritual to start a new chapter. Ask for a new story! Take the time to really focus on how this new story can change the current unhelpful conditions in your life and support you as your continue down your path of purpose.

I would love to hear what each of you gets through this exercise! Please let me know your stories of renewal at toby@healingdrummer.com.

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