Three Keys To Success

Three Keys To Success

These are three keys to success that will change the game for you!

  • Focused Crystal Clear Vision

    In order to know where you are going, you need to have a target or destination. It is not enough to generally think casually about “Someday I think I would like to be an executive for a big company”.

    Try this and see if it feels more committed: In 24 Months I will be Jr. VP of marketing for XYZ working under John Doe who is Executive VP. This is my desired outcome because I am passionate about XYZ Company and the way they treat their employees and customers is totally aligned with my values. This position fits my skill sets and desired challenges. It is the best place for me to shine and help others shine!

    Having a compelling reason why is just as important as having a clear vision. The why behind what you do is the fuel that feeds the vision when things get hard or distractions comes. Think long and hard about why you want what you want. Really spend some time on this one. How do you want to see when you have it? What does it look like?

    With a clear vision and a compelling reason why you will move towards your desired outcome.

  • Good Tools, Map and Mentor

    If you are heading east looking for a sunset, no matter what you believe or how enthusiastic you are, you will not find a sunset in the east. You are working with the wrong map, wrong strategy, and the wrong tools. Also, whoever recommended you head that direction is NOT a good mentor.

    The two most important things on this list are 2 and 3. The right MAP (Massive Action Plan) and a good Mentor. Have a map, a plan of how you want to get where you want to go. Then find someone who has done it and knows how to guide you there. Model someone who has the success, confidence, and style you want. You can reinvent the wheel but it will be easier and faster to model someone who has already done what you want to do.

    Your map should lead you in a strategic manner. How will you know you have gotten what you are after? What do you have to give up to get it? This is a key time for your mentor. Someone who has already followed the path will be able to alert you to places of challenge and help you get through them.


  • Resolve Value Conflicts With Three Keys To Success

  • When someone insists that they want to accomplish something but they do not follow through with their commitment it is an indication of value conflict. When someone takes 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, it is a sign of value conflict. 80% of success is energetic and 20% physical execution but most people spend the most time on the 20% when they should be concerned about the 80%. The part that is really holding them back. The solution is to unlock the conflicts and unleash the genius you truly are. Forget what you have been told you “should” do and get clear about what you want to do. Align your actions with your true values, take action, and you will begin to soar. What are your core values? What’s the most important thing in your life? What is the foundation of your business philosophy? What are your priorities? Spend time working with a mentor to get clear on core values and you will see amazing things happen in your life and work.

Three Keys To Success

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