The Key To Productivity

Organization Is The Key To Productivity

Most people stay busy all day long running from place to place without accomplishing productivity.

There is a big difference between activity and productivity. In this video you will get some info on some key action steps to help you with productivity.


Move into the Magic of Organization

Organization of the mind keeps you on task with your actions.

Your energy stays focused and you succeed!

Organization of your time makes your actions more effective. It also allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment, accelerating your desired outcome.


If You Need Some Help

For assistance in organization and productivity check out MOVE into the Magic.  CLICK HERE for information and to schedule your session.

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About Toby Christensen

From the board room to the recording studio Toby always brings his “A Game”! With his high level energy, unique music skills, and decades of study with therapeutic experts, and top entrepreneurs, he brings a revolutionary viewpoint to solving life issues. This is on both the personal and business levels. Toby is a positive force for change!

Positive Disruption is his mission and his clients love him for it. Toby has a unique ability to identify the solutions to problematic situations.  Almost instantly he then creates a method of execution to implement the solution. He is solution oriented and inspires his clients to take action with his infectious joy and positivity.

Here is what his clients say:

“I participated in Toby’s M.O.V.E. Coaching Program last year. His goal oriented approach produced results that were phenomenal and, most importantly, quantifiable. My business continues to grow exponentially. When Toby and I were ending our “formal” coaching work, I went back to my notes and looked at the goals that he set for me in our very first session. Every single one of them has been achieved! My experiences with Toby have been life changing on many levels. He continues to be my trusted advisor and mentor.”

— Martin J Munroe, Ph.D. Martin J Munroe, Ph.D., Boston College Former Instructor, Founder Crystal Clear Solutions, Chicago, IL

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