Overcoming Discouragement

Overcoming discouragement can be one of the hardest parts of attaining success. In this post I give you 3 keys to overcoming discouragement.

There is no pat answer and there for sure is no simple solution. BUT… if you are ready to get unstuck and refocus on your desired outcomes you can and will crawl out of the pit of despair and start moving in a positive direction.

3 Tips For Overcoming Discouragement

  1. Positive Atitude – What you focus on you feed
  2. Get Unstuck – Do something
  3. Review Your Goals and Objectives – Clarity inspires creativity

Positive Attitude

How many times have you had someone till you, “just think positive and you will feel better”. Easy for them to say, RIGHT! sometimes it makes me want to punch them in the face. So much for kumbaya.

But there is a point to this. What you focus on you feed. So when you are focused on how shitty things are, you get more shitty things. Energy attracts like energy so use the discipline of your mind to focus on what you want to achieve.


Get Unstuck – Do something

Get off your ass and get moving! This can be the most profound aspect of your life!

For me it looks like jumping on my bike in my home gym. Or plugging in a guitar and cranking up an amp or lifting some weights.

Go for a walk, MOVE your body and you move your mind.

Review Your Goals and Objectives

Clarity inspires creativity. Sometimes we get trapped in the details and then the details spin us out.

When you get discouraged it is often because you have lost your focus and vision of your desired outcome. You think you are going nowhere when actually you are moving forward, you just hit a traffic jam.

Review, adjust and revise your goals and objectives when it serves you.

The outcome you set at the beginning of a project might not be the best once you see the bigger picture.

Need Help?

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