Mineral Element: Remembering Your Greatness and Life Purpose from a Dagara Perspective

Mineral Element: Remembering Your Greatness and Life Purpose from a Dagara Perspective

Mineral Element The Dagara Perspective

In the world of indigenous wisdom and spiritual teachings, there exists a treasure trove of knowledge that connects us with the elements. This helps us find our true purpose in life. One such perspective comes from the Dagara people, as taught by the late Malidoma Some` and Toby Christensen. Among the elements they emphasize, the Mineral element stands out as a powerful metaphor for memory. It also represents self-discovery, and connecting to one’s life purpose.

Mineral, in the Dagara tradition, is more than just a physical substance; it represents the essence of memory. Our lives are filled with experiences, and each one leaves an imprint on our souls, shaping who we are. Like minerals, these memories are precious and hold within them the keys to unlocking our true potential.

Remembering Your Greatness

One of the core teachings is the importance of remembering our greatness. In the rush of daily life, it’s easy to forget our inherent worth and unique gifts. The Mineral element encourages us to delve into our past experiences and draw strength and inspiration from them. These memories are like gems waiting to be unearthed, reminding us of our innate abilities and the moments when we truly shone.

Connecting To Your Life Purpose

Connecting to our life purpose is another vital aspect of the Mineral element. Just as minerals have distinct properties and roles in the natural world, each of us has a unique purpose or calling in life. By delving into our memories and connecting with our past experiences, we can uncover the threads that have woven our life story so far. This process enables us to identify patterns and recognize the recurring themes that have guided us toward our life’s mission.

Moreover, Mineral reminds us that we are not isolated beings but interconnected with the entire web of existence. Our memories are not solely our own but are intertwined with the collective memory of humanity and the wisdom of the Earth itself. This awareness can inspire a profound sense of purpose as we recognize our role in the grand tapestry of life.


In conclusion, the Mineral element from the Dagara perspective, as taught by the late Malidoma Some` and Toby Christensen, invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery, memory, and purpose. By rekindling our connection to our past experiences, we can reawaken our greatness and align with our life’s true calling. In doing so, we not only remember our own story but also contribute to the beautiful narrative of our interconnected world.

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By Toby Christensen

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