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Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Beyond

Ritual – Evening Prepare For Sleep

There Is Sleep – And There Is Restful Rejuvenating Sleep One realization I have come to after working with literally thousands of people…hardly anyone prepares for sleep. Most people, almost all people work or do their daily tasks till they get tired and then they go to bed. I can count on on hand the number […]

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Rituals – Morning Rituals

Rituals Are Actions With Specific Intention Or Meaning How you start your day makes all the difference in the world. It usually determines how it will end. So, start your day with consistent rituals that set the stage for your success! Here is a video that might help you out. Enjoy


Ritual to Help You Align with Your True Nature

  The element of nature is one that inspires personal transformation and guidance towards an authentic life. Nature rituals of renewal promote reflecting inwards and asking yourself questions of truth. The ritual I write about today involves personal energy, focus, and discovery. Shift Your Perceptions With this ritual, I recommend that you spend some time […]