Exploring Water in the Dagara Tradition

The Flow of Life: Exploring Water in the Dagara Tradition Water is an elemental force that sustains life and holds deep spiritual significance in many cultures worldwide. In the Dagara tradition, an indigenous belief system…


Organize Your Time With My Daily Planner

Toby Christensen’s – Daily Activity Planner How do you organize your time? Do you prioritize your tasks? Are your tasks and priorities in alignment with your goals? Check out this video to help you be…


Life is Fun: Malidoma Somé on Simple Pleasures

Many of you know that I have done extensive training with Malidoma Somé and in my work with him have learned a lot about creating a space of fun and welcoming for the ancestors. When…


Full Moon Ceremony: Part 2

Toby rips it up on a full moon!

I love the comments that I received from my first posting about our full moon fire ceremony that took place this past July. Since then I have had the opportunity to do several sessions on…


A Night of Drumming

Tori on the djembe

Some of the time here on the island spontaneous occurrences present themselves. One night, my friend Terry Kingen was visiting me with his daughter, Tori, and she spotted my drums lined up along the wall.…


Vibrant Energy in The Healing Drummer’s Homecoming LP

I am pleased to present Homecoming, a celebration of dance and joy. Inspiration for my LP Homecoming came following a reunion with my dear friend and brother Malidoma Somé. We spent many years separated from one another,…