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Feel It Real

Feel It Real Have you ever heard someone tell you a story and you just didn’t believe what they said? feel it real! “This is a one-owner car! Barely driven!” “Buy this cream and you will look 10 years younger in 3 days.” “…ah, I was at my friend’s house and fell asleep” “You will […]

Toby Christensen talks about Core Guiding Principles more shit that is your fault

You, The Great Manifester! Part 3

Part 3 So you have caught yourself thinking something negative about yourself again. PERFECT. We can use that. Maybe you have even climbed onto your squeaky mental hamster wheel and began chanting that thought like a mantra: bad, stupid, dorky, unlovable, weak. Now it is Part 3 RELAX! Calmly stop the wheel, climb off and sit […]